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The metal welding machine helps you to increase the output greatly

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In March 28th, the first batch of the national laser welding manipulator of aluminum products for automotive air conditioning was invested in the southern British Special Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the South English) in Yubei District, Chongqing.

In the welding area of the southern inte workshop, 5 Blue Metal Welder parts were accurately and accurately welded to the core board. The workers standing on the side only need to put the ingredients to complete the welding installation.

The head of the South British special was introduced. The metal welding machine was developed by their technical team and the radium robotic company. It was the first in the domestic automotive air conditioning aluminum industry. "After using intelligent robot hand, the welding production line is more efficient, better quality and more environmentally friendly."

The person in charge also said that the past artificial welding will produce dust and arc to make workers suffer from occupational diseases, and metal welding machines use laser welding to no longer produce harmful substances. In addition, skilled workers complete a core plate welding in 3 minutes, and now the robot can do it in 40 seconds. "Intelligent production largely saves manpower. In the past, there were 22 welders in the welding production line, and now it has been reduced to 4."

In the future, more workshops in Yubei District will, like South English, gradually become "unmanned workshops" of high technology, which is due to the "machine replacement" program launched by Yubei District. According to the characteristics of the industrial industry in Yubei District, the "machine replacement" plan will take the lead in the pilot project in the field of mechanical equipment, automobile, electronics, food and other industries with obvious characteristics, high labor intensity and a certain risk.

According to the "machine replacement" plan, this year, the industrial output value of industrial robot in Yubei District will reach 1 billion yuan, and the industrial application robot in key industry reaches more than 20%. By 2020, the output value of industrial robot industry in the whole area is 10 billion yuan, and more than 50% key industries in the whole area are changed to the machine.


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