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1. College degree or above, more than one year experience in network sales;

2, familiar with network promotion, familiar with website construction basic process;

3. The relevant work experience of the web site production is preferred.

4. Strong learning ability, hardworking and willing to work together with the company.

5. This position is part time job. Please explain your job intention when sending your resume.

If you are interested in our position and meet our basic requirements, please contact us directly.

Network sales

Number of recruits: 10

Location: No. 69 Yao Feng Road, Mu Du Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou.

Salary treatment

Release date: 2018-03-12

Period of validity; unlimited.


Free advisory services

Contact number:0512-66592811

Business fax:0512-66592311

Company website:http://www.cnhindustriai.com

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