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Technology and services:

1, before selling every equipment, our sales engineers will fully understand the needs of customers, and do a lot of experiments to ensure the most valuable products.

2, we will deliver the goods on time. Each equipment will be strictly inspected and repeated before delivery to meet the requirements of the customer and the necessary standards for the equipment. 

3. Our engineers will help the customers install the equipment and make the necessary debugging to achieve the best application status and until the customer can use the equipment independently to leave.

4, we will pay close attention to the use of the sales equipment, not regularly visit the customers, collect opinions and suggestions in all aspects, in order to adjust and improve in the actual work.

5, our after-sales service personnel are always ready to deal with any sudden equipment failure, and provide spare parts to customers in time to minimize customer losses.

6, we will organize the training of products and processes on a regular basis. At the same time, customers can also learn the latest developments of the must letter through a variety of channels, such as websites, exhibitions and professional magazines.



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Contact number:0512-66592811

Business fax:0512-66592311

Company website:http://www.cnhindustriai.com

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